Financial Planning Services

Customized, competent, conflict-free financial services

Our firm is focused on  your goals and the integration of your complete financial situation so that our solutions make the best of your resources. Legacy Financial Advisors LLC provides customized, competent, conflict-free financial services in the following areas:


Retirement Planning

We help you plan for retirement based on an expense level as well as assumptions regarding portfolio rates of return and inflation. This type of planning integrates financial planning with portfolio construction and integrates tax planning to increase your resources where possible. We stress test the financial plan using corporate finance techniques.

College Planning

This includes both investing for college and financing college costs.

Estate Planning

This planning provides for what you need to achieve your goals while highlighting beneficiary designations, coordination of assets to meet your objectives, tax savings as well as vehicles to achieve them.

Cash Flow Planning

This service combines achieving your goals both presently and in the future given your income and expenses. Sometimes modifications are needed. Cash flow planning is an integral part of most of the financial services we offer.

Money Management

LFA advises you on actions to take that you implement.


Retirement Plan Distributions

How you coordinate and take your retirement plan distributions can significantly impact your tax bill and your retirement security as well as a number of social security benefits you get to keep. Beneficiary designations can also impact distributions. We’ll help you explore your alternatives so you make informed decisions.

Portfolio Construction

We will use the appropriate asset allocation and evaluate investments based upon tax efficiency, long-term performance, and cost. We’ll integrate your original investments into your entire portfolio if they meet your needs.

Annual Portfolio Rebalancing

LFA rebalances your portfolio based upon your asset allocation as well as considering expense ratios, tax efficiency, and distribution requirements.

Construct Income Streams from Your Assets

We offer distribution planning designed to stretch your funds so you can be efficient in withdrawing money,  minimize your taxes and often keep more of your social security benefits. Net after tax is what counts.

Insurance Analysis

Do you have enough life insurance to meet your needs? What about disability insurance and long-term care? Do you have the P&C coverage that you need? We can provide answers and also have national source providers that work with fee-only planners.


Contact us at (216) 571-6711 for an introductory appointment today. Currently, Legacy Financial Advisors is scheduling initial appointments only on an “as available” basis. There are only a limited number of spaces for new clients each year.